Within My Means!

There is a shortage of affordable housing caused by income despair.

Proximity to mass transit and Job distribution is needed everywhere

It’s become a severely imbalanced period of density coming together.

Unsheltered men and women exposed to illness and severe weather


This will improve health by providing stability,

freeing up resources for coffee and groceries 

increasing access to services in quality neighborhood.

Helping Ms. Jenkins cross the street is always good!

Affordable Housing

Challenges in inner cities range from the homeless who are forced to live on the street

to the relative deprivation of vital workers like teachers, nurses, firefighters and police

 unable to find affordable accommodation near their place of work.

Workers commute from suburbs, budget goes berserk.


The availability of affordable housing removes the burden on the local economy.

There is love In the heart of the city

 affordability of housing, above all rentals, will  Fill the plea

for fixed-income earners an increased supply there will be

Single room occupancy

Allow me to  reintroduce the Single room occupancy

The main objective of the creation is Affordability

What an extraordinary entity for secure and safe Residency

The aim for a person, a family and the neighborhood is Permanency


A lot of funds are not needed for premium personal upgrade and groom

multi-tenant building, renters share a kitchen and bathrooms.

A small refrigerator, microwave and sink are featured amenities

The brand name of the marketplace is called Single room occupancies

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Joel Backman is a Realtor with over 10 years of experience of helping local clients with rentals. He achieved success due to his commitment to providing beautiful homes in Albany.

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