The Silk Road!

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The Middle Class: Walk, Jog, Run!

The History, the Arts, and the Foundation!


Teenage student gets a work pass. Before college debt and then go berserk.

Take a mall job to get that cash! Work, work, work! Work, work, work!

Save ten percent to fight a bad mood and rainy days, keep a good attitude.

Buy silver and gold coins don’t use for fare. Put coins in a jar and leave them there.


No more allowances or grandma gifts. Growing up now I feel adrift

University dance. I need a lift

Hard at work for the boss all day, short rent money in my pocket, just got paid

Hit the job market again because I must make the grade


Hey diddle diddle, the classes in the Middle,

What a lovely night for a full moon,

there was no mouse, when I closed on my house

And fit All my stuff in the rooms!


Apprehensive, I must be frank

My spouse and kids I like to thank

To pay the mortgage to the bank

Increase home equity to move up the Rank

Net Worth

Went to full equity elevated from a monthly lease

Just like that Net worth just increased

On the road to riches, I wrestled with the beast

I have everything in my life now I struggle for peace!


No one knows what the nose knows cause the nose knows ‘cause he knows

Nevertheless, there was a time, when I did not know… what today I know!

House is paid for, no car payment, legal dream team, there’s no arraignment!

There’s a note for the plaintiff, keep the cash in the Avemaria basement!

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